Roller Galaxy

A Hyper-Casual arcade game featuring a ball that travels troughout many worlds and galaxies! Survive a never-ending journey, collect Space-Diamonds, customize your Galaxy Roller and unlock other many different galaxies containing different rewards!

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Roller-Galaxy running on a smartphone 😀

Notes to add:

The prototype project is completed feel to use it for your own benefit! Github Possible features to add:

  • Game gets progressively harder while simultaenously the visuals that surrounds the player represents that
  • More variety of random spawning obsticles
  • Roller (player) customizations

Game Jam/New Game Project Templates

These projects are made from scratch by me in a way that it would speed up the start process of developing new game ideas. Very similar to Unity Learn projects that you can find on Unity Hub Learn Section! Not to mention, these projects represent my way of trying to learn how to use Unity :)

City Builder Template

Most advanced project yet. Contains a lot of code and design patterns. Trying to write clean, reusable and readable code. Testing written code using the Test Framework package. Github

Features split image 01

Hyper-Casual FPS Template

Had the most fun creating this project. Lot's of Post-Processing, color adjustments and laser effects to make this game look fast-paced and Hyper-casual. Github

Features split image 02

Multiplayer Arcade Shooter Template

One of my university course projects (Software Engineering II/II). Very similar to an .io game that features a login, account creation and recovery systems, I've used Photon for multiplayer and some PHP and MySQL to create a login system from scratch. Github

Features split image 03

3rd-Person Platformer Template

Inspired by the Mario franchise. The template features a small robot that travels around the cartony world with monsters and a very red out of anger looking villain. Github

Features split image 03