I'm Aurimas and welcome to my website! 😀

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About me

Nerd, 23.

A computer nerd who loves traveling and reading. Learned how to browse through computer folders when I was 3 years old (at least that's what they told me 😀). Always strives to become a better person. Has a passion for psychology and investing in the stock market. Slight perfectionist and an introvert.

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Professional Experience

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Junior Test Engineer at Unity

(2019 December - 2020 November)
Bisecting, Bug Reporting, Working with Customers and Enterprises, Crash Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Testing, Graphics Testing, Making bug reproduction projects from scratch.

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IT Specialist at IĮ "Stiksas"

(2018 July - Present)
Maintenance of IT equipment (computers, servers and other equipment), IT hardware and software installation and configuration, IT equipment troubleshooting


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Joniškio "Aušros" Gymnasium

(2014 - 2018)


Vilnius University

Bachelor of Informatics (2018 - 2020)


Vilnius University

Transfered to Bachelor of Software Engineering (2020 - 2022)